Different ways to grow your social media following

Social media growth can be a tricky thing to get right and sometimes it might feel like you are banging your head against brick wall. We hope the following tips will give you more information on what works and some tips you can try. Good luck!. Chose the right social platform How can you … Read more about Different ways to grow your social media following

Catch Designs goes Stateside on Twitter Hour!

I was recently asked to take part in a Twitter hour based in the USA. #UKBizParty happens every Tuesday at 6pm GMT and is a Twitter Hour this has great interactions and is managed by US business supremo Anna Scheller. As many of you know I love Twitter Hours and finding ones that resonate with … Read more about Catch Designs goes Stateside on Twitter Hour!

Twitter Inspiration by Twitter

Now and then the social media platforms themselves share some useful tips on how to make quality content for your profiles. Please take a read of Twitter latest offerings, definitely one to try if content is becoming a struggle. I'll definitely be giving it a try. Twitter's link … Read more about Twitter Inspiration by Twitter

Twitter – Stuck for ideas?

Surely not possible. But for some Twitter can be a daunting place to start making an impression, interestingly, people find it difficult to be social sometimes which is rather worrying. Twitter is a friendly place on the whole and if you add positive content, you should receive positive interaction … Read more about Twitter – Stuck for ideas?

Hashtags – platform by platform

We recently blogged about some top tips on how to use and develop hashtags for your social media platforms, but we thought it would be good to take a look platform by platform as to how to use them correctly and not to be seen a lazy poster or spamming people into a coma! Here we … Read more about Hashtags – platform by platform

Hashtags – think you know it all?

We thought we should blog some hashtags refresh uses for your social media. It's always good to get a reminder. Definition: A hashtag is a word or a group of words preceded by a pound (#) sign, which is used to categorize and find conversations around a particular topic or trend. Did you … Read more about Hashtags – think you know it all?

My 5 top tips for Twitter!

Twitter is a great way to develop an online community for your business. A lot of shared goals and common interests can be found in the most unlikely places! Here are a few tips to help boost your visibility on Twitter 1. Make use of new character limits - but wisely. Do you tweets … Read more about My 5 top tips for Twitter!

8 ways to get social shares on your blog posts

Happy with your blog, but sad, that no one is reading it? Here are some basic tips to share with you to try to get more readers for your blogs. 1. Is your blog on your website? Make sure your site is visible and usable on mobile devices. The percentage of users sharing content on mobile is … Read more about 8 ways to get social shares on your blog posts