We help businesses to look carefully at what they want to achieve for the business and how different marketing tools can be applied to the business to develop a strategy that works. We look at all aspects of your business to make sure your website is working hard for you as well as applying quality control to your social media platforms.


What we offer:

  • Small business marketing 
  • PR support
  • Marketing strategy development

Small business marketing and PR support

We often work with small businesses to  develop a strategy and then leave them to action the points and develop at their own pace, providing them with milestone moments to work towards. This works well for businesses who don’t need full time marketing resources.

We are often in a position to help clients obtain funding to support these activities and are always available to help with applications and proposal development.

Marketing strategy development

Developing a marketing plans helps you to assess your businesses aims and objectives and use these as the  fuel to drive your campaign. As an external pair of eyes we can look at your business and help you to develop your target markets, locations and key messages to communicate with them. We can develop tools to help you reach your target markets, bringing together elements of PR, social media content marketing, blogging and your brand to allow your business to be viewed as professional and to grow your customer base.

Want to catch up to discuss your marketing options, then please get in touch.