All change at LinkedIn

LinkedIn has added some new features recently to both Personal and Company pages. If you are an avid user of LinkedIn like I am, you may have already activated these changes, but if not, here is a few new features you might want to add to your profiles. Video Cover Story If you love … Read more about All change at LinkedIn

Twitter – Stuck for ideas?

Surely not possible. But for some Twitter can be a daunting place to start making an impression, interestingly, people find it difficult to be social sometimes which is rather worrying. Twitter is a friendly place on the whole and if you add positive content, you should receive positive interaction … Read more about Twitter – Stuck for ideas?

Funding training sessions completed! ✅

It has been a great opportunity for my business to be selected to work with Coventry University in the recent Digital Advantage project. Since February this year I have run five sets of three-day workshops for a range of small businesses and worked with a number of SMEs on 1-2-1 social media support … Read more about Funding training sessions completed! ✅