In June 2024, Catch Designs will be celebrating its 18th year in business, the youngest of my children!

Quite a milestone, particularly in the years when running your own business can be a hard slog. The business has changed over the years, as social media has become more prevalent in my work and it looks like it is changing again as more training opportunities come my way, but ultimately I love what I do and hope I can add value to my customers and the small businesses I come across every day. And I love where I do it, having been in Stokesley for nearly 16 years now, I have found a real business community to work with, and we will also be celebrating Thirsty Thursday’s 10th birthday later in the year, quite a year for me!

So how should I mark this?

⚡ Should I have a party?

⚡Should I do some offers and promotions?

Not really sure, to be honest, so over to you, what do you think would be a suitable celebration (probably ruling out tattoos at this stage!)

I have some time in hand, so please let me have your ideas and I’ll have a think! Will be pulling in my PR guru Anna Murray on this one I think!

In the meantime, the training programme continues and looks like there will be some more funding opportunities coming our way in April, so if you need some ideas of how I can support your business and we can get that funded, then please do get in touch, we would love to help.

Or have a read of my other blogs (150 of them) online here

Let’s celebrate 🥂

Drop me an email with any ideas etc at [email protected] or message me on my social media platforms @catchdesigns

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