WordPress websites need updates – shocker!

WordPress is a great format to build your website on. Easy to use, affordable and extremely flexible. A lot of people believe that once your website is built, it’s job done and you can just carry on with your business, sadly this is not true! WordPress sites need to be updated! It’s a … Read more about WordPress websites need updates – shocker!

The Stokesley Globe site is LIVE

We were asked to help the Stokesley Library, The Globe in 2017 to redevelop their website to enable it to be a consistent source of information for all of the potential visitors to the library. It was huge undertaking as we all know the Globe is MORE than just a library. Offering a range of services … Read more about The Stokesley Globe site is LIVE

Spam, Spam,Spam

What do you know about spam mail? And are you protecting your business sufficiently? Spam is digital junk mail, mainly being emails you didn’t ask for or want to receive. The Oxford Dictionary definition of spam is: “Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to large … Read more about Spam, Spam,Spam