We all can suffer from burn out on our business social media if we are not careful, and taking some time off to be with family and friends, especially at Christmas might be a good idea, here are some tips to consider so your social media (and your business ) doesn’t suffer but you get a chance to relax!

Plan your content

Take advantage of the wide range of tools out there to get ahead of your content by creating in bulk and planning the content into planning tools, there are a wide range of tools out there both free and paid for and can ensure your content is going out to your audience whilst you put your feet up! We can suggest a range of these third-party tools, some have some great features that will totally make your social media planning a lot easier.

Get some help

If you are struggling to find the time to get your social media content planned in, why not outsource to a social media manager or a virtual assistant who can provide a block of time to offer you to take away this headache and plan your content and be available on your social channels when you cannot.**

**Please note social media managers like Christmas off too!

Be open and honest

As long as you have considered your customer’s needs and have clearly communicated with them you might be in a position that adding some evergreen content last optimum times might be all you need to create to allow you to take that precious time off for the festive period. Most businesses and employees will have the same holidays and won’t be surprised to know that your business may also have holiday plans. Just make sure you let your customers know via social media of the business’s expectations and availability over the festive period.

Finally, don’t stress, if you have a social media strategy in place and have spent  51 weeks of the year creating quality content and engaging with your audience then most customers will still be there when you return to social media after a brief break.

If content creation is the hardest part make sure you keep in the loop by sharing and interacting with your news feeds to keep your business in mind.

If you need a hand with developing a social media strategy or planning your content, please do get in touch and we would love to help. Email [email protected] or find us on all platforms as @catchdesigns

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