Love or hate social media, as a business, you shouldn’t be ignoring it. We hope that by reaching this page you would value some support for your business on aspects of social media to help promote your brand.

We do our best to keep up with the social media platforms advances, so you don’t need to worry. Remember it is not all about the numbers – interaction is key!!!

Get in touch for an informal assessment of your current pages or if you need assistance in setting your business up on social media. We are here to help.

What we offer:

  • Social media strategies
  • Content management
  • Social media packages
  • Social media audits
  • Training and workshops

TAKE A LOOK AT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGES BELOW, we can provide a bespoke package price for your business.


We work with you to develop a suitable social media strategy which will help you to reach your social media goals. This document is a blueprint for all your planning and content for all the platforms your business can be seen on. It reflects your competitors, your current activity and planned content ideas to help reach your objectives.

Once created it is a useful foundation document for you and your business to work with. We can help you with the content management too.


Developing a suitable content management plan can be hard work, we aim to take the hassle away from you to allow you time to work effectively at your own business. We use the social media strategy to develop quality, entertaining content to allow your platforms to be seen by your prospective and current customer base. In addition to developing new content, we monitor and develop your platforms so they are being ‘social’ with your core audiences. If you want to add to what we provide, that’s fine too!

Please call us on 01642 712817 for a bespoke price for the strategy (dependent on the number of platforms required)


We provide a range of social media management packages to suit your needs and your budget. We offer a bespoke approach to the businesses we work with, as they are all different.

Our onsite prices are really a guide, as after we have discussed your social media objectives to develop your social media strategy, we tailor our packages to suit your business. We can also add  additional services like blogging or advertising for example.


Definition: A social media audit is a series of steps taken to evaluate and optimize a business’s social media profiles and strategies. Performing a social media audit can help all businesses stay on top of their online presence.

Why conduct a social media audit?

Completing an audit answers several questions about the relationship between a company and its Web audience.

  • Does a presence on Twitter bring in new customers?
  • Is the Facebook page retaining old ones?
  • If there any online profiles not in line with a business’s marketing plan, an audit can realign them or indicate they need to be disposed of.

An audit is also an opportunity to determine which marketing techniques are successfully hitting established goals versus which ones need to be revised. The results can be used to assist companies in planning future campaigns and completing future audits.

Get in touch with us today and we can discuss, we often do these for potential clients for free! Why not ask?


Picture by Dawn McNamara

Often, we work with businesses that have the resources to manage their own social media inhouse but don’t always have the up to date knowledge of the platforms for the business. We can come to your office and assist with training workshops, or we are more than happy to do one to one or Zoom training for the individuals in the business.

NEW – we have added a number of different approaches to training and workshops which you can view here

We also are often involved in Local Authority training sessions which we publicise on a range of social media and marketing subjects, which anyone can attend.

And if you are a small business in North Yorkshire, please do ask me about any Digital Advantage FREE support.