Surely not possible. But for some Twitter can be a daunting place to start making an impression, interestingly, people find it difficult to be social sometimes which is rather worrying. Twitter is a friendly place on the whole and if you add positive content, you should receive positive interaction back!

Here are some top tips to help inspire Twitter content you can create.

  • Tweet about your daily plans, who are you meeting, where are you going?
  • Don’t forget to use Twitter to share and share again your NEW blog posts. Tweets don’t last very long so you can mention your blog more than once!
  • See a fact you love, give it a retweet, if you found it of interest there is a good chance your followers will too!
  • Share a tool or resource you find makes your day a little bit better. It’s great to share with your network when something works for you!
  • Ask for help! Twitter is a great research tool, and if you need to find something or someone, ask a question, you may be surprised by the positive help you receive.
  • Take part in Twitter Chats/Hours. It’s a great way to get involved in your geographical or industry chat!
  • Use Twitter to promote your next event. Again post several times to try and capture your target market.
  • Use Twitter polls. An easy way to get some instant interaction from your network.
  • Add some colour to your feed when posting, create bespoke graphic via Canva, share a web link, create s short video. don’t make your feed a boring place to be.
  • Don’t forget to use your retweet and retweet with comment buttons, this by far is the easiest way to get involved in conversations and threads. BE SOCIAL

If you are new to Twitter, maybe take some time to get a feel for it and just do a little bit of listening. I can guarantee by doing this for a week or two, you will find it impossible not to start joining in! Good Luck!

If you would like to know more about how to get the most out of Twitter for your business, please do let get in touch, at [email protected] , we have one to one sessions and workshops available often for small businesses.

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