Google My Business Checklist

Hopefully, you have made it to the end of my Google My Business seminar today for Digital Women SkillShare today! As promised, I have put together a checklist of each of the areas to allow you to work through the profile build for yourselves. I have added it here below for you. DOWNLOAD THE … Read more about Google My Business Checklist

8 tips for working with the Instagram algorithm

We have tried lots of different ways to improve our and our clients Instagram feeds.  Hootsuite have kindly shared some of its best tips which we employ on all of our accounts. We have added our thoughts too in italics! 1. Post consistently Building relationships with your audience is key to … Read more about 8 tips for working with the Instagram algorithm

Twitter Inspiration by Twitter

Now and then the social media platforms themselves share some useful tips on how to make quality content for your profiles. Please take a read of Twitter latest offerings, definitely one to try if content is becoming a struggle. I'll definitely be giving it a try. Twitter's link … Read more about Twitter Inspiration by Twitter

Google My Business – top tips

This is a great time to encourage continued communication with your customers for when life returns to normal. One way to achieve this and to give your business an improved presence is to update and maintain your Google My Business profile. We don't often get free tools to promote our businesses … Read more about Google My Business – top tips

Twitter – Stuck for ideas?

Surely not possible. But for some Twitter can be a daunting place to start making an impression, interestingly, people find it difficult to be social sometimes which is rather worrying. Twitter is a friendly place on the whole and if you add positive content, you should receive positive interaction … Read more about Twitter – Stuck for ideas?

Planning social media over the holidays – top tips

For some, social media doesn't stop over the festive time and needs to be maintained for your business. I have compiled some tips to help you to get this in place so you too can enjoy some well deserved time off! There is still time to get some posts planned and scheduled in over the Christmas … Read more about Planning social media over the holidays – top tips

Hashtags – platform by platform

We recently blogged about some top tips on how to use and develop hashtags for your social media platforms, but we thought it would be good to take a look platform by platform as to how to use them correctly and not to be seen a lazy poster or spamming people into a coma! Here we … Read more about Hashtags – platform by platform

Funding training sessions completed! ✅

It has been a great opportunity for my business to be selected to work with Coventry University in the recent Digital Advantage project. Since February this year I have run five sets of three-day workshops for a range of small businesses and worked with a number of SMEs on 1-2-1 social media support … Read more about Funding training sessions completed! ✅

No more Facebook business page verification ticks!

So after toiling away achieving your tick to verify your business Facebook page, they are being removed from 30th October. Facebook say: We're always working on better ways to help people understand more about the Pages they interact with. We introduced grey verification badges in 2015 to show … Read more about No more Facebook business page verification ticks!

Hashtags – think you know it all?

We thought we should blog some hashtags refresh uses for your social media. It's always good to get a reminder. Definition: A hashtag is a word or a group of words preceded by a pound (#) sign, which is used to categorize and find conversations around a particular topic or trend. Did you … Read more about Hashtags – think you know it all?

Twitter Lists – not got them, you are missing out!

As you may be aware we have been running some social media courses for local small businesses in Stokesley. We have covered the majority of the popular platforms and hopefully, we have demystified some of the main pain points for our delegates. One of the areas I wanted to go through again for my … Read more about Twitter Lists – not got them, you are missing out!

Super fast top 5 tips to improve your social media

Love it or hate it, you can't really ignore social media. You can't also become a slave to it, we all have businesses to run. So what can you do? Outsource to a professional, let them take the strain! (We may know one we could recommend!) Or try to keep it all moving yourself. Here … Read more about Super fast top 5 tips to improve your social media