A new platform has hit our devices and it’s from our old friends at Meta. and after 6 days has already reached over 100 million subscribers!

On launch day I spent a little while playing with it this morning (more than I thought was quite addictive!)

Subscriber number 9, 246,775

Initial thoughts and observations are:

-Yes, it looks like Twitter, but seems fresh and clean as an interface on initial views.

– Don’t worry about hashtags; they currently don’t work (coming soon)

– You can only search for people not topics, currently

– You have 500 characters to play with per post.

– On downloading the app, you can easily set up from your Instagram and import all of your bio and followers to get started straight away or you can decide to build your own audiences here

– There are no DM’s or options for private messaging – quite refreshing at the moment

-Be careful, if you do link from Insta and decide threads isn’t for you, and choose to delete it it will take your Instagram profile too! This has now been updated, you can deactivate your Threasd account with no issues if not for you.

– You can add up 10 images to one post, which slide nicely.

-You can add gifs, but you will need to download the Giphy app and attach the Gipfy keyboard to your phone. It isn’t as easy as Twitter currently!

-If you have numerous Instagram accounts, you can’t toggle yet between them on Threads, if vital to operate under multiple accounts, you can choose to log in and out and do it that way. UPDATE: Toggling has arrived, sorted through your Instagram accounts.

-You can more than one video to a post.

_Who’s loving using this emoji? It has never been so popular!

Are you planning on setting up camp there? With over 10 million downloads since launch today, it would appear it’s worth a look.

Would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any further tips, let me have them! Check it out on the App

If you want to get started and don’t where to begin, please drop me a line at [email protected]

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