So you have taken the plunge to set up a Linkedin Newsletter, so we have got a few tips to consider to get you started.

1. Personal page newsletter or company page newsletter?

Research has shown that personal profile newsletters display better results, but for some businesses, that won’t be suitable, and a Company based newsletter will be received better by the audience. Either is possible, so that is your first decision! Certainly, as a small business owner, that personal connection is always key!

2. Name your newsletter simply

Think of the old adage, KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) To encourage sign up, make sure you outline the newsletter expectation to show its relevancy. There are only 30 characters to play with, so take some time offline before you commit to LinkedIn!

3. Create the newsletter description

In addition to the relevant title, you get 120 characters to tell your subscribers in more detail what you will be delivering. Again keep it simple and realistic to your planned output.

4. Decide on the newsletter frequency

You can select from Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, so a few options for you. Be realistic with the resources you have to create and publish these. You don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver. If you have a range of existing content, you are planning to re use, this will help you to build up a good regular  content option.

5. Publish your first edition well

This first edition is going to the most important one to get right, to encourage all of your connections and followers to get involved with. All will be invited to use your best content,

6. Add some preheader text

When your newsletter is delivered, it will come with a couple of lines of header text to entice and engage your audiences, so consider how this will read,try to create a bit of stand out!

7. Always collaborate and mention

Where you can try and include and collaborate with colleagues and peers, if you are encouraging regular contributors, then make sure you mention and thank them and part of your content.

8. Get visual

Often people react better to creative visuals and colourful cues, so don’t be afraid to add some design into your newsletter. Good quality imagery and an emoji or too will help no end.

9. Link back to the original on your site

As you know, I love blogging and many of the principles of blogging lend themselves to linkedinNewsletters. So that includes the inclusion of a Call To Action, don’t leave it to chance that people will search for how to get in touch with you, make it easy as possible by linking back to your website or contact details where they can be wowed with all of your content. Hyperlinks can also be included in the body copy of your newsletter.

10. Promote the LinkedIn newsletter internally

And finally, don’t forget to tell people you have created a newsletter far and wide and keep doing this. This will help grow your subscriber lists and create those invaluable subscribers.

Don’t rule out your other social media platforms to share your newsletter too!

Grab the link to the post by clicking on the three dots menu. Then share that link directly on internal message boards, in your favourite LinkedIn group or (if it’s a personal newsletter) instantly on your company page.

For more information on how to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile for your business, then drop me a message on LinkedIn, view my profile or drop me an email anytime.



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