WordPress is a great format to build your website on.

Easy to use, affordable and extremely flexible.

A lot of people believe that once your website is built, it’s job done and you can just carry on with your business, sadly this is not true!

WordPress sites need to be updated! It’s a fact!

If you want to keep your website safe and secure from hackers then a certain level of maintenance needs to be done.

Scary stat: Over 30000 sites a day are hacked!

Thankfully WordPress do enable you to update your own sites and keep them working to their best potential, regularly releasing updates and additional information direct to you or your developer team. But do you have the time or know how?

We speak to lots of website owners, who have no idea of their updating requirements for their website, either they have left it in their web developers hands or more often than not they have assumed it doesn’t need to be looked at again!

Don’t get yourself in this position! It could cost you your website and maybe your business.

Businesses sometimes feel this is an unnecessary expense to maintain and monitor their website but it could save you a lot of money in the long run, with potential downtime on a hacked website, or issues with payments for your customer’s payment options.

A hacked website can give you a massive headache and stress to your business.

A great analogy is to treat your website like your car, you often don’t know all the details of how it works, but you are quite happy to get it checked regularly and administer any maintenance checks and actions as required.

WordPress websites need to be maintained regularly.

At Catch Design Management we offer our three tiers of maintenance packages for every site we build to provide the right level of protection for your lovely new website. The packages we offer, include critical security dates, backups and spam protection. For the more premium packages we also include additional design and development time, so you feel a real benefit and continued growth and expansion of your website.

Here are the outline details of our packages we have found are suitable for micro, small and medium-sized businesses, the main level of businesses we deal with.


Worth thinking about! Happy to have a coffee and a chat and help you be confident your website is working securely for your business, charity or organisation.

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