Social media is a fantastic tool for your business and for the first time, small businesses can interact and play on an even playing field with large businesses.

But organic social media content is hard to achieve for many businesses without the support of advertising.

Particularly Facebook has invested heavily in advertising and ROI (Return on Investment) is very good value.

Often people will say to me, they can’t afford to advertise or they can’t justify the expense, which if you compare to more traditional advertising options (newspapers, TV, radio etc) Facebook advertising is very affordable, flexible and provides an instant picture into your customer’s journey to you.

In the past I have dabbled with Facebook advertising for my clients, boosting a post here and there and managing basic brand awareness campaigns, which had moderate successes.

Facebook advertising rules!

At this strange time within business, I have invested time and money into upskilling some of my skills to help me to offer more services to my customers. One of these has been a recent eight-week course I have just completed on Facebook Advertising. Always a sucker for a badge and a certificate, this course (paid for) has given me a renewed interest and knowledge on Facebook Advertising. And now I can offer it to you with a real knowledge and understanding.

Outsourcing – an option?

Outsourcing your advertising campaigns may not be your first thought, but do you really have the time to

Do you the research required

Create the correct audiences

Create the advert copy and imagery

Understand where the best places to run the adverts?

(Trust me it can take hours and a lot of testing to get the best results.)

Now we know how to manage all of this, it could actually save you a tonne of time and money in the long run.

Interested in finding out more, please drop me a line at [email protected] and after a brief assessment, we can put together a proposal for you on the best advertising opportunities for your business. (And don’t forget, Facebook advertising also covers or can be in place of Instagram advertising too – coming soon to reels soon too!)

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