Not sure whether you are getting the most out of your activities?

Here are some tips you can try to help your profile grow!

1. Check who’s mentioning you

Sometimes Linkedin doesn’t always report on your mentions in Linkedin, which might leave your warm leads getting away. A quick resolution to this is to check it yourself. Do a “posts’ search and use the filter on offer, called ‘Mentioning Member’ adding your own name so you can see if you have been tagged or referenced.

Bonus tip: you can apply the same technique to see what your sector influencers are posting and who is engaging with their posts,  – a way of growing interested connections

2.Who’s following you or your Company Page

As well as connecting with you, a lot of people now choose to Follow instead. That works well to view content but to really enable engagement and connections, you do need to move that follow to a connection. So regularly review your followers, and when they choose to follow you and take it to the next level and offer a connection request, don’t forget to add a personal note when you send these out.

Bonus Tip: You can also check who is following your company page, if they are interested why not make it a personal connection?

3. Who is looking at your profile?

These can be a golden opportunity for work; they have already looked at you, so why not strike why the irons hot and reach out for a connection and start a conversation.

Bonus Tip:  If the person reviewing your profile is already a connection, then it might a chance to start a conversation again with them

4. Who’s talking about your topics of interest

If your kind of conversation is being had on Linkedin, then really you should be part of these. Again use a ‘posts’ search and use your sector keywords to see who is writing about it and add some comments and engage.

Bonus Tip: Save the URL of the results page, bookmark it in your browser & you can run it anytime you want …. instantly!

Hope these tips are of interest, LinkedIn is a great place to network with your peers, potential customers and people in your industry. Need some advice on your profile or company page, we are here and happy to help, email [email protected]

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