As we outlined in our last blog, there are many ways you can bring video to your Instagram platform, to create a variety of content for your audience.

They all have slightly different purposes so one video fits all option shouldn’t be happening.

But there are some crossovers where you can make the most out of the video content you can come up with.

Can we help to inspire you?

Adding videos to your grid.

  • Why not show followers some of your best products on sale, create a 9 square of new product videos?


  • This is the perfect stage for a FAQ with your customers or a nice chat with a local supplier or associate. Creating these videos will show your personality and expertise in your field and can be stored on your profile to send people to.


  • These are my ‘go to’ to share the day to day activities and eventually places I visit! It’s a great engagement tool and can provide lots of ways for your customers to interact with you. The stickers are a great way to add more creativity to your videos too. Apps like  Story Swag and Canva Stories make the whole process easy to add more to your video footage.


  • This is are fast and furious and can be a great tool to bring your personality to the business, show some hoe to videos, or behind the scenes or walkthroughs. It doesn’t tall have to be pointing and dancing! See what your competitors are doing and see how you can improve on their offering.

Instagram LIVE

  • Be brave and give it a go, if you love your business the passion is easy to see in a live video. it’s a great way to showcase your personality and how it brings your brand alive. Give it a go, BUT don’t forget to let people ( your audience) know you are going to go live so they can be there ready and waiting!

So I hope it has given you some ideas and inspiration. Don’t forget reels you can practice and draft before you send. and there are so many additional apps available for free to help support you on this video journey. Go on, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

If you want to learn more about what you can achieve on Instagram, give me a shout. I have a few training options available as well as free workshops coming soon. Email me at [email protected]

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