Want to get more video action into your social media, but don’t know where to start? Here are some top tips to try! And read to the bottom, to see my little video to inspire you!

1.Customer testimonials

Completed a project with a client and it has gone well? Can you get your client to share their working experience with you on camera? Video testimonials are a very easy way to gain customers trust.

2. Tell your audience about your business

Are you often claiming your business is different from everyone elses? Then, showcase those points of difference by doing a little piece to camera, tell people your business passions, your desires and what makes you tick?

3. Interview videos

Create some interesting interview topic ideas to share, a client, a great supplier, a venue manager. Have a brief chat with someone who has made a difference to your business recently.

4. Educate Your Audience

Want to share your best hints and tips with people? Then an explainer video can be a way to capture and engage with your potential audience. Be confident in your skills and what you are bringing to your business is worth sharing.

5. Share Your Story

Do you have an interesting start up your business story to share? People are inspired by success, so feel free to share it by doing a little piece to camera video. Everyone loves a journey!

6. Recognise your existing customers

Appreciating your existing customers should be more important than chasing new ones. Show how you love your existing customers, by thanking them for their support and business.

7. Present Your Process /service

If you are the creative practical type, why not video you at work, doing what you do. There are lots of any techniques that your I phone can provide, creating Boomerangs, Timelapse etc which can make a lengthy creative process fly by and show the time and skills you bring to the table.  Everyone’s process will be slightly different for each others, so your potential clients can see the attention to detail and YOUR unique skills on offer.

8. Vlog not Blog

An easy win for video making, create a few video blogs showcasing your work, or some of the subjects we mentioned above, creating as a series or your top tips, would be well regarded by your existing blog fans!


Starting to get a buzz for videos, most social media platforms offer the option to speak directly to your audience.  LIVE. Getting that immediate interaction from your fans, is a great way to share information and answer questions directly. Just make sure you have a plan for your LIVE video to stick to and don’t forget to let people know when you will be LIVE so they don’t miss you!

10. Add captions

There are lots of tools on offer to use to add captions to your videos, to allow more access for those who cannot hear but can watch. Definitely worth adding this into the mix for your videos. I use Kapwing, which is “free” with a logo, but works well enough for me.

Have you tried any of the above?

Would you like to?

The majority of these can be developed using your I Phone with more complex tools needed for editing and camera holding if you find you need to. But there is a lot you can achieve before you get your Clipper Boards out!

Have a go, in the spirit of leading by example, here is a little one I have prepared earlier! (note to self, doing a VLOG, wash your hair and put on some makeup!)

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