You are not alone, since Facebooks invention in 2004, there have been a raft of changes on the platform to help us as users find the information we want and for us as small business owners to share information we want our potential customers to see.

What we want to share and what Facebook want our customers to see are sometimes at odds, the algorithm seems to have a power of its own and many, many, many people have had an opinion on how it works and what you can do to beat the system.

In 2020, a lot of algorithm changes had been made and not many felt they had consumers at the heart of the decisions and changes they made and certainly, Facebook felt they needed to say more about the algorithm and allow customers to understand it more so they can get more control back of their own data.

Now in 2021, Facebook has opened up a little about what makes it tick and says it use thousands of ranking signals for every post, considering aspects such as the user’s internet feed to whether people prefer to engage by liking or commenting.

The main 4 ranking signals detailed below thought have been consistent and should be considered for all social media posts.

Who is posting this? Person, a business or a public figure? And how often are they being engaged in the posts?

What type of media is on the post? What type of media do users interact with most?

Who are people who have already seen the post reacting to it? Are they sharing it, commenting on it or ignoring it?

How new is this post? Newer posts are placed higher.

Any clearer? Follow our next blog with some top tips for working with the Facebook algorithm.

Or if easier to outsource to us, we would love to help your business find its place on social media. Drop us an email at [email protected] or DM any of our platforms.

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