We recently came across this useful document Meta provided to help people be more vigilant and safe when using social media platforms. Daily, I see posts ‘claiming to be from Meta’ about community standard breaches and violations of standards, of which many (all) are spam. But the spammers do a good job of hoodwinking us, so this document is a good cross-check to ensure you don’t get misinformed and make your accounts vulnerable.

In the document, there are several SAFE links that you can also check out, which provide more details to be aware of.

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How to Verify Meta Comms

At this point, it is also not a bad idea to consider downloading the archive of your social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) where at least if you do encounter your account being hacked or disappeared, you can have the archive of your content to return to the platforms.

Details of this are also below for each platform,



Of course, we also recommend adding two-factor authentication to all of your social media platforms to help keep them secure; I will be adding a separate blog on that for the main platforms soon. Watch this space!

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