Optimising your Linkedin profile is a great first move but not enough to supercharge your business growth as you would hope. If you can as well as add quality content to your profile and engage with your chosen audience, then the combination can be very impactful.

Back to basics, it is important to understand that the more people engage with your LinkedIn content, the more Linkedin will show and share it.

Why should you care about whether Linkedin shares your content?


  1. It promotes the services of your company.  Helping people to trust your company and maybe engage with your services.
  2. Helps your business to achieve its business goals. Sharing content and being seen to engage with peers helps to highlight these business goals and generate leads.
  3. Helps you reach your target audience. Increasing the number of your Linkedin connections by using your profile to its full allow more people to interact with your content, delivering your brand message to the right audience.

Below are a few ideas you can try to engage your Linkedin community to gather more interaction, clicks and reposts.

1. Use videos to explain how your service works

Videos work on social media, and even on the ”professional platform of Linkedin, you still have a chance to explain your products and services in an engaging way to stop the scroll and allow people to engage with your content. Getting people’s attention quickly is key, and a video can certainly have this wow factor from the get-go. Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video so great odds to begin with.

So don’t be shy, try some video content, don’t forget it doesn’t have to be a face-to-camera piece; it could a 360 video of your premises, or an explainer video or a slide show pulled together from a range of still images.

TOP TIP: If you can natively record on the Linkedin App you will get even better results.

2.Post sector industry reports and statistics

Most people in business want to keep on top of their industry news and will often turn to LinkedIn to make sure they are up to date with the trends of the moment. If you’re able to share those industry nuggets or you are responsible for creating them, then potential customers will return to your profile as the ‘one stop shop’ for all the news about the industry! So share away.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget you can post excerpts of your report, but use the Linkedin Article function to write long-form content where you can go into depth on your subject matter and help your SEO scores off platform too.

3. Always include call-to-action in your caption

To improve your chances of getting engagement on your posts, give people a reason to engage with you so make it clear what the intention is. Book an appointment, call, or download an e-book.

With the right call to action instruction, people won’t be able to stop themselves from taking action. Statements with no response mechanism or call to action are not appealing to people to engage with you.

TOP TIP: Have you got a destination you can send someone to, to gather their data?

4. Don’t forget your employees!

As a platform that has a focus on employers, employees and career development so make sure you consider featuring them on your profile content posts as well as the support you can offer to and with the LinkedIn Company page.

It can remind people of the humans that work within your business! (We all have them!) and provide an emotional connection to potential customers and to continue to build relationships.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to use the Employee Notification button to share your news.

6. Write a LinkedIn Article

We have already mentioned Articles briefly but they are a great way to provide valuable long-form content for your followers.

These can be used to provide longer educational pieces, industry news and trends and a chance to really show you know your stuff.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to include call-to-action lines and relevant hashtags for maximum exposure.

7. Get your job opportunities in front of an interested audience

There is no doubt that people do use Linkedin as a primary source for job hunting, so it would always be the first stop for anyone, so if your business has opportunities or you need to fill your working week with more freelance opportunities, LinkedIn is the place to shout from the rooftops to get your job ad in front of potential candidates, employers and interested parties.

TOP TIP: You can always download your optimised LinkedIn profile as a pdf as a good ‘cv’ style to send on to prospective employers.

So, hope these tips give you some inspiration to make sure your Linkedin profile is optimised; then consider some of the tips above to encourage the right kind of engagement on your news feed. Good Luck.

If you need more support on your LinkedIn profile building, then maybe book a powerhour with me. Book online, or drop me an email for further details, prices and availability.



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