Fancy diving into IGTV with Instagram – this guide is a great first step.

Good luck!

Instagram has published a new guide on how to create content for its new IGTV long-form video platform, which includes a range of tips, apps and accessories you can consider to help improve your IGTV videos.

Instagram IGTV guide front pages

Shared by social media marketing expert Matt Navarra, the 50-page guide covers a range of elements. As you can see above, the guide itself is split into four categories, with various recommendations and tips on each.

Instagram IGTV guide - shooting tips

One of the most interesting elements is the app recommendations. While Instagram notes in the introduction that they do not endorse or sponsor any of the apps listed, and the platform is not affiliated with them in any capacity, these are tools that Instagram has found useful, which users likely will also.

Instagram IGTV guide - app recommendations

The guide also includes tips on lenses and accessories.

Instagram IGTV guide - lenses and accessory recommendations

And provides an outline of how to upload IGTV videos – both from mobile device and desktop.

Instagram IGTV guide - upload info

There’s a lot of interesting notes to take in – if you’re considering getting into IGTV content, it’s worth a look. You can download the full IGTV guide from this post.

And one other tidbit of interesting, somewhat related info – Facebook has started rolling out Stories Insights to Pages.

Facebook Stories Insights screenshot

Worth noting as more businesses look to tap into the latest content options.

We would love to hear how you are finding IGTV, is it something that would work for your business, please share!

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