I recently read this article below shared by Social Media Today and it interested me as I do believe it directly involves my business and services.

The writing and development of a digital strategy is key to the correct development of customers social media strategies but the article stresses the importance of the people that apply them, this is where I come in.

The aim of our business is to be your eyes and ears in the social media world and to give your business the most attention we can.

The article outlines that often the business has the right tools in place for social media but not always the right personnel who can manage them, this is often where platforms become stale and underperform.

The writer outlined 2 main points that all businesses should consider.

  1. The people you work with are always going to be the key to your success

  2. Use your passion for your cause to make plans and take risks

Very valid points and ones we try to instil into our work and interact with our clients and their customers.

The article is below if you wish to read in full.


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