Birthday milestone –

This month – my little business Catch Design Management has reached it’s 18th Birthday!

Sue Thompson of Catch Design Management in Stokesley celebrates the companies 18th birthday.<br />
Images by Dawn McNamara June 24

What started as something to do whilst my kids grew big enough for school, so I could get a ‘proper job’, has continued way beyond my expectations and moved from my dining room table to my own office at Stokesley Business Park!

Initially focusing on graphic design and interpretation projects, fresh out of the Forestry Commission, has blossomed into social media training and social media management service-led business.

The majority of the time I can’t quite believe it as I feel most days meeting and working with great people and organisations so often doesn’t feel that much like work!

I have got too many people to thank over the last 18 years who have helped and supported me in the business, but as clients have come and gone it has been great to continue to watch their success and feel I had some part of it, whilst we worked together.

Moving into the 19th year of my business I don’t know where it will lead to, but I am hopeful I can sustain the level of work I have currently and look forward to more opportunities to work with small businesses in North Yorkshire.

If you wish to share any work experiences we have had as part of this celebration post, please do below, it would be great to reconnect with lots of friends, clients, suppliers and organisations who have been part of my journey!

And if you want to know more about the services I offer, please check out my social media platforms (@catchdesigns) and I am often free for a cuppa to talk through your options. and good luck to your businesses reaching its birthday milestones!

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