Have you added emailing your customers into your marketing mix? Are you getting it right?

No, then we hope some of these tips and guidance will help!

We have put together some top tips to help you get the most out of your email mailouts for your business growth.

Top tip #1 – Make sure you build your email for mobiles!

68% of emails are now opened only on our mobile devices, so we need to make sure that nothing is lost and all should look good when these are opened; anything missing or not clear will probably result in your customer unsubscribing, so build your email campaigns 100% for mobiles then work back for your desktop versions.

We need to make sure all of our hard work is not in vain, so let’s look at each of these points in turn.

We need to – get it delivered

We need to – get it opened

We need to – get it read

We need to – get it clicked on

Getting it delivered

We need to make sure our lists are set up on our third-party email tool.

Breaking down your lists into bite-sized segments will help you to get the right message to the right audience, consider a split something like: Prospects, Buyers, Members and Lasped for example. The type of email you send to each one of these audiences should be different. As each are at a different part of their customer journey/experience with you.

Ideally, using a third-party tool like MailChimp or Mailerlite will have sufficient tools to keep your lists segmented, clean and functional, which helps the email reach its destination as you are sending to an audience that is interested in hearing from you. Keep a watch on your bounce rates and deal with those persistent soft and hard bounced recipients, and delete inactive emails where you can; you want the reputation of your emails and lists to be seen as good.

When thinking of delivery, also consider the size and format of your email. Has it got huge images that are not going to land in most people’s inboxes for example, will it be difficult to read on mobile devices also? These are just a couple of points to consider at this point.

Note: Auto responder emails (sent to individual leads) always deliver better than broadcast emails (sent to all)

Getting it opened

This mainly factors around sending your emails on the right day and at the right time for your audience. Research shows that Tuesday is the best day, followed by a Thursday. And for timings, 10.00 am works best followed by 8.00 pm, 2.00 pm and 6.00 am (for those early starters) These ideas work around your audiences working day, hitting them at 9.00 am when they walk through the door could easily be dismissed and binned, whereas 10.00 am, after the initial rush of the morning, might be a good time whilst a cup of tea is being consumed!

Also, the subject line on your email can also be a huge determiner for getting your email opened. Be creative with your subject line, creating some curiosity or be very topical, just some ideas to stop people from hitting that delete button, before they have opened your email! Make sure you use the preview text as part of your subject line to shoehorn in additional information to encourage sufficient interest to open the email and include a call to action too if possible.

Getting it opened

Setting the scene with your story is always a good way to encourage people to read on! People are people and love a journey with human reactions and consequences. Highlight this story with suitable (good sized) images, which are formatted properly and add some value to the story.

Use the story to get to a destination where the action is needed, and provide just ONE call to a action that is easy to follow.  Consider adding a PS to enrich a point or get further feedback from the customers and even a PPS, if you want to inject a little humour into the proceedings.

Getting it clicked on

As mentioned above, only include ONE action in the email and be clear about what you want them to do. Keep this call to action above the fold, so it is easier to view, review and hopefully action. Make it easy for the action to be undertaken with a large easy-to-click button, and make it big and bold so there is no question about the action.

Additional tips, if feasible for your sector, then consider how you can get a good reaction from your customers, raise a laugh, make them chuckle and maybe best case scenario, get them talking about it with their peers, being novel, original and unique are the watchwords for email marketing, that can make a real difference!

If you are nice to people and make them smile, this can be a great way to open conversations and makes your harder to ignore and people don’t like to ignore nice / funny people!

We hope these tips are of use, and don’t forget that email marketing has the largest ROI for your business if you get all of the above right!

If we can help at all in your set-up for email marketing, then please do get in touch at [email protected] and please give us a follow on our social media channels. @CatchDesigns


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