I love Canva and those who have been on my workshops know this! The Pro version has a wealth of tools that can make your social media content look so professional. But as with all tools, they are constantly changing to meet audiences expectations and sometimes we miss these changes, so I thought I would share this one I have missed and now cannot stop using!

Welcome to Smart Mockups

Basically, it enables you to add an image of your choice onto a series or predestined backgrounds. For example, adding your website to a cool laptop pic with a good background, or adding your logo to a mug to see how it looks. It has conjured many ideas for me already!

I have created a little Loom video as it is the easiest way to show you. Take a look and I would love to hear how you got on and of course, some of your creations!


Also, if you are on FREE Canva, not 100% sure if this feature is available, but I would highly recommend yo upgrade to Canva pro anyway, just for the versatility of this tool. If you can use my affiliate link that would be great! Click here

If I can help create some scroll stopping post images for you using this or any other of the canvas tools, am always happy to help. Email me at [email protected], or if you are interested in a Canva Power Hour, I can do this too.

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