So 2021 has kicked off with a return to ‘working from home’ order, which wasn’t unexpected but pretty pants for all!

For many, we are back to Zoom meeting for liaising with colleagues, training workshops and client meetings. Not an ideal situation but I am pleased we have the technology at hand to use as otherwise, I think all of our businesses would really struggle.

Whether you are a Zoom person or Team or Google Meet or any other platform out there, you may feel that since the first lockdown the enjoyment of these virtual catch-ups is waiting. We have thought about a few tips to help you make the next of the digital meeting and hope it helps you evaluate how much time you NEED to be online at this time.

Tip#1 – Turn your camera off

Not all meetings need you to eyeball each other, if in a large group and you don’t need to contribute that much, maybe switch off your camera, this alleviates the pressure to perform and to be seen a little. Not being seen can reduce your stress levels a lot.

Tip#2 – Say no when you can

Before Covid days, there was a time you said no to a meeting due to other work pressures or other reasons, and that was accepted by all. Since homeworking the pressure it to be seen to be working, hence the attendance of 100% of zoom meetings has become the norm, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have planned a day to write or need to really focus on a project, don’t be distracted by an attempt to meet with you. Give yourself permission to say no, I can’t make it today!

Tip#3 – Resist the urge to multitask

We all think we can do a 100 things at once, but more often than to we are not doing them all well. If you are committed to a virtual meeting then give it your full attention, your brain will thank you for that! Trying to check your emails, fiddle with your phone, make a cuppa will distract you from your meeting and will ultimately add to the feeling of zoom fatigue as your brain is just fizzing. Keep the meeting short and focus on it!

Tip#4 – Move

Feeling tense and tired after Zoom meetings is becoming more common and even though in our offices we were happy to sit at our desks all day, we actually were more mobile than we are at home, trips to the loo, visiting colleagues at their desks, walking to the boardroom, broke up all of our days, and it is easy to get stuck in one position at home as all of your meetings are right on your screen. So take some time between meetings and throughout the day to jump up and down a little, have a stretch and take a break from your screen.

Tip#5 – See what resources your company offers

More than event employers have a duty of care to their employees to help them adjust to this new way of working, let’s not forget they will benefit in the long run if their employees are happy and with that comes better productivity. So has your company for mindfulness workshops you can attend, can they offer suggestions on how you can manage your time? You may be surprised with what some businesses have in place, which back in the good old days you didn’t need, but now could benefit from. If you are working for yourself, take a quick look online as there are lots of online meditation classes that can be joined or view on IGTV forΒ  10 minutes desk exercise, anything that will provide a mental distraction for a few minutes a day. If you don’t ask, you will never know.


For more information, please get in touch and we will happily pass on some of our ‘go to’ mindfulness contacts. Get in touch [email protected]



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