December, love it or hate it the festive season is upon us. For most small businesses, this is the busiest time of the year. How are you feeling about it? This Christmas is going to be a different one for sure and social media at Christmas, is huge!

Fear not! With the right guidance and tools, you can make this festive season the smoothest one yet. It is all in the magical word PLANNING. As social media professionals, we say it all the time (you are probably rolling your eyes) but it really is all about getting your pen and paper out, Christmas music on and planning all of your marketing over the Christmas period.

Believe me… do you want to be sat eating your turkey on Christmas Day thinking ‘What should I post over the next few days?’, no I didn’t think so!

Even though it is Christmas, it is good to be still present on your social media channels (or at least for people to think you are) to help keep your business visible and maintaining those important customer relationships. You can find the best way to do this in Tip 2 below.

So, see below our biggest tips for getting #ChristmasReady

  1. Pen & Paper (Christmas music advised but not essential)

Go old school, get your pen and paper at the ready. Have a brainstorm, think about the types of posts you could post over Christmas. Do you still need to promote products? Or can you break it up with more ‘lifestyle posts’? If unsure, start with the basics. Share your opening times for the festive period, wish your customers a Merry Christmas or share some festive pictures. Gather as much content as you can before Christmas so you are not scrambling and papocket


  1. Schedule, Schedule & Schedule 

Once you have your posts. Schedule them using your favourite tool. This will save you so much time. Then you won’t have to think about manual posting. You may even be able to put your phone down for a few hours to spend time with your loved ones!

  1. Set expectations 

Let your customers know your plans for Christmas. If you are having a complete shutdown, let them know! Opening reduced hours? Let them know! You get the idea. Just be sure to set expectations that way you can let a few calls and messages slide for a few days.

  1. Relax 

As businesses owners, we are all so busy. We work in every department possible. It is easy to feel overwhelmed especially throwing Christmas in the mix. Take some time over the festive period to relax and only monitor your social accounts.(without interactions)  Of course, you must schedule to do this! Enjoy the powers of clever marketing technology. Christmas is you and your families time.

  1. Get ahead for 2021!

January is either motivating for you or very quiet for the business. Either way, if you have some spare time in the weeks leading up to Christmas, there is no harm in getting ahead of the game. Why not schedule some posts for the first week back in January? That is one thing off your to-do list!

At Catch Designs, we can help support you over Christmas if you need a helping hand with your social planning and scheduling. We are always happy to take that one of your to-do lists!

Happy to chat for a virtual coffee or provide some online support, please email me at [email protected], (the best way to contact me) or take a look at our social media platforms and send us a message!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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