Ready, steady go! Simple 20 Instagram killer tips you can activate on your account today – get going! What are you waiting for?

  1. Switch your account to a business account – go to settings – change to a business account (unlocks some additional options and enables you to advertise on Instagram)
  2. Pick a name and username that represents your business easily  – don’t use numbers ideally! Don’t forget Username and name are searchable)
  3. Optimise your bio –  Only have 150 characters, use them wisely to explain what you do for people, why they should care and what to do next? Use keywords that will resonate with your audience.
  4. Maximise your ONLY URL option, that is in your bio. Make the most of it. Use, allows multiple links to different pages you want people to go to – so you can create specific offer pages – there is a FREE version. This will enable people to have access to more than one link to your business
  5. Tribe Mentality – create a small pool of people who will be engaged by you, pay attention to what you do, engaged followers are worth so much more.  So quality over quantity.
  6.  How to build a tribe – focus entirely on your target market (what would they want to see) then become the curator of your content. Is it engaging for your tribe? AND engage with people, converse together. Respond to all comments, so engage, engage, engage. (Haven’t time – you can outsource this!)
  7. Be real and relatable – people by people. Be visible, behind the scenes fun, educate, inspire, mix it up and keep it creative.
  8. Give value –  don’t post for the sake of it, be delivering value, helpful tips etc. Plan this as part of your overall social media strategy.
  9. Use emojis – use in bio and content, adds colour and interest. We love them. ?☎️?✅
  10. Use Video – video is the king engagement – 53% more engagement options than photos. (Suggest adding header, progress bar and captions) – remember some will never turn the sound on!
  11. Add motion to images, use existing photos into videos – lots of tools available yo help you do this – my go-to is Canva
  12.  Giveaways – a good way to build accounts and get engagement – what do you customers want to win that you can offer that is relevant?  (To gain followers tag friends in comments  for example) Joint venture giveaways could be a good way to grow your audience also. Use them to deliver the prize, or use them to promote the giveaway (or BOTH)
  13. Add Hashtags – how people search on Instagram –  based on your business, your products, your market, your brand hashtags, and specific ones (variants of what people will search for) Use up to 30 on each post.
  14. Space your hashtags out, use the 5 dot principle or add to your first comment box. But make some space so your hashtags are crowding your captions.
  15.  Focus on niche hashtags – find ones that are not so popular and relevant to your business. Be specific and vary them for your different posts.
  16. Use local hashtags – #Stokesley (I always use) and can create a short cut to see who else is posting in your locality.
  17. Instagram ads –  organic reach is harder to get (no surprises) so look into this, directly on the platform or go to Facebook Ads (Instagram is one of your placement options) Image is a key factor in Insta ads, rather than the text (unlike FB)
  18. Influencer marketing – paying people to endorse your product. Awareness, Trust and Sales. This is achievable for small businesses.
  19. Localised micro-influencer marketing – ideal for small businesses (more tribe like) Suitable for under 10,000 followers. Find a micro-influencer who your tribe likes and trusts. Agree rates (flat fee or %) or maybe a freebie in an exchange for a post. Paying by the hour could be a real cost saving (first 4 hours most effective)
  20. Don’t think Instagram isn’t for your business, get moving, we are waiting to see you! Please use these top 20 killer Instagram tips.

We love Instagram and spend a lot of time developing good content for our own feed (@catchdesigns), if you would like some help to optimise yours then please do get in touch. (Powerhours available) Good luck.

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