LinkedIn is widely recognised as a useful tool for businesses in promoting themselves and getting their brand known. However, did you know

Only 3% of employees share company content with their network, yet they will often actively share other content relevant to their industry sector.

You need to make your people digital advocates for your business and encourage them to like, share and comment on your content. You’ll need to get them onside though and detail the reasons why you want them to get involved. If they don’t understand the reasoning the probably won’t commit to engaging with your content as much as you’d like. Or as much as would be productive.

The voice multiplier comes when your employees are sharing your content and encouraging their network and community to engage in discussion. All of your employees will have some of the same connections but also different ones from their career history. Every like, share and comment is valuable for your brand and the content that you are pushing out.

Here are a few tips to really get your team on board:

  1. Explain why

Most employees will have absolutely no idea what impact they can have on your social media goals and objectives. Once they understand the impact of such interactions on increasing sales they’re more likely to get involved.

It is suggested that brand messages reach 561% further when shared by employees rather than by the brands’ social media channels. Similarly, brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when distributed by employees. They really are advocates of your brand!

  1. Support them with their profiles

Most business people now have some sort of digital profile. Some of your employees will have LinkedIn profiles which are bang up to date but those who have been with you some time, may need a little support in updating their profile and anything that may have changed since the last time they used the platform.

Offering your support and guidance in getting them back online will show them that you are investing time in them. If your business can support your employees in updating their profiles with just a couple of hours effort then the rewards you can reap are invaluable. If easier you can always outsource this to an agency to support you. (Helloo)

Simple things like using a photographer to take some new refreshing headshots of each team member will go a long way in making your entire brand look new.

Also, don’t forget that any support you are giving to your existing team is helping potential new employees look more favourably on your brand.

  1. Get them when they start

Onboarding is now huge business and businesses want to get it right. If you let you new member know that they are an integral part of your communication strategy then they’ll be on board from Day 1 and particularly in those first few weeks and months will jump at any opportunity to make a good impression.

It’s also important to let your team know that they can get involved. If they’re hugely passionate about what they do then they’ll be happy to contribute to some content every once in a while. If you can get this into something regular then it means you have a steady stream of knowledgeable content. And the benefit is that they will happily share and engage with content they have contributed to. If your company has developed a social media policy, it is always a good idea for new starters to know exactly how the social media is managed within the company and how they are expected them to relate to it.

  1. Give them permission

Back in the early days of LinkedIn it was often seen as a tool to look for another career path or alternative employee however these days it’s so much more. Your employees shouldn’t feel that they can’t use LinkedIn for fear of what their managers may think about them looking for a new job.

Give your employees the flexibility to use LinkedIn – even allowing them some time within business hours to work on their profile and to share and engage with your content.

  1. Acknowledge them

If you’re asking your team to get involved in your content by liking and sharing, be sure to acknowledge and reward them for consistency and willingness. It will not only make the employee feel valued but it’ll help other employees, who are perhaps less active on LinkedIn, to wake up and get involved in all the action.

  1. Make it about them

Not all rewards are financial but by having brand advocates in your employees mean that their profiles are getting noticed more and their names visible 24/7. If your employees are sharing relevant content in a timely manner then they will be seen as more influential within your organisation. It also shows that you trust and value their contribution to your business by understanding how and when they share content and engage with their network.

When you take these actions, you’ll expand your company’s voice and including your employees will make you really shine on LinkedIn. Don’t forget your employees are also able to interact with the company on your other social media channels too!

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