Congratulations all round, if you followed our last blog and have produced your own blog! If you haven’t seen that one, please take a look here!

We will hang on for you!……

So are we ready? One of the first things I do when I have published a blog is to share it across my social media platforms:

My little system is as follows:

  • Google My Business platform, with a Learn More button to link back to the blog. See the example here. 
  • Twitter, to my business page, usually at the end of the day, with the associated sized image and suggested hashtags
  • Facebook Business page, by looking at my insights I love for the best time of day to post this with an encouraging message to read.
  • Facebook Group, my little tribe are always pleased to see a new blog! and maybe to some local or industry-focused groups too
  • My personal LinkedIn profile page – Sometimes I add as a link to the site, sometimes I copy and paste the blog into an article on LinkedIn, as this has its own SEO properties and it is nice to see if it make any difference. And I usually go back to Linkedin and posts again from my Company page and share and like it from my personal profile!
  • Instagram – maybe add a nod into a story on my Insta page to let people know they can head over to the website to read it and use the associated image within this if possible.

What else can you do, to get the most out of your blogs?

    • Place internal links to your new post in past blogs – As we have added both, internal and external link to our newly published blogs, you can even further and add additional internal links to old blogs to connect up the dots on your new blog. This helps your older article to stay updated and keep the traffic moving. Your new article will get more SEO visibility right from. the start.
    • Send an email to every blogger you mentioned and ask for shares and links – If you have mentioned any external sources or other bloggers in your blog, let them know and maybe they can share it with their following. This will helo your SEO visibility. Try to do this as soon as you can after you publish your blog. 
    • Keep your post-up-to-date – Use Google Analytics and Search Console to find out how your post is performing. and update it when the needs arise. Keeping it up to date helps to revitalise the blog and can help your traffic for years to come. 
    • Check comments regularly and answer – If you are getting a stream of comments on your blogs, take the time to respond to them, even if the blog post is old, it is the best way to retain your blog interest and your expertise in the field.
    • Schedule more updates for social media – To most social networks, you can, and you should post your content more than once! If you create your own distribution list, it is much easier to revisit this and share your content again across your platforms. get into the habit of setting up these scheduled posts for a week or so a time when you publish your post so it all happens for you. Use a third-party tool to auto-publish this content when it thinks is the best time.

So, a few tips and tricks to try after you have just published your blog and to get your blog out and about, give them try and get into the right routine when distributing your blogs. It will make all the difference.

If you need a hand with your blog strategy, research and writing or distribution, please get in touch and we would love to help you. Call us on 01642 712817or email us at [email protected]

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