In June,  I was lucky enough to be asked to present at one of the Digital Women’s Free Skills Share event. An online membership group of fun digital women – some business owners, some agency employees and some just starting out! (Currently all online due to – you know what!) As a Founder member of the group, I was delighted to take part in this free event with my fellow group members.

I spoke about Google My Business and why I thought it was the right thing for your business to get involved in (I still do) as it offers a free tool to showcase your business and pleases the Google gods! I pre-recorded my 25-minute talk and sent it over for the delegates to view, and over 250+ registered for my talk, I was delighted and slightly scared. The promotion of my talk was great by the Digital Women team and I managed to put a few mentions on my social media feeds too. Post talk – a lot of people said lots of nice things about it!

Now fast forward to August and Digital Women have just put on another SkillShare event and as it was so popular for people to speak at, it has rolled around to a two-day event. Speaker after speaker were introduced after some light online networking and has provided useful information on such diverse subjects as “Using Google’s Data studio” to “Building Apps with No-code”.  It was a great event to attend sadly only virtually and has given me so much additional information I can source to help support my own business and my clients. Can’t wait for the next one!

So what I am actually sayingJoin Digital Women? That’s a great idea, as you can learn so much and join a group of women (and men) who are interested in the benefits of digital marketing. With additional support via networking events, Facebook group and resource led website it has been the start of a real sense of community for me.  If you wish to find out more, please check them out online at and if you want to join – (Costs only the price of a couple of Costa’s a month!)  please use this link below from me to you!


Fancy catching up with me to find out more about this great organisation or any other social media issues, please call me on 01642 712817 or drop me a line on any of my social. media channels, detailed below! And if you want a copy of my Google My Business presentation to set up your profile, please let me know, happy to send.


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