Got some time on your hands, might be a good time to assess and audit your social media, so you are in tip-top shape when we are all back in business.

It is important that your profiles are an accurate representation of your business and are consistent across all of your platforms. So what should you be looking at?

First things first, how is your business looking out there.

Doing a simple Google search will show you all available information on your name and business. Hopefully, there is nothing bad to show! It will also give you additional information on businesses or people who have the same or similar names to you, who may have a not so good reputation as you so you can be aware.

If you don’t spot any negative info, you can try the following actions.

  • Do nothing. Sometimes this is best if what’s out there is obviously not a reflection of who you are. People are usually pretty smart and can spot a lie when they see one.
  • You can ask the person to remove it.
  • You can remove it yourself. ( I appreciate this isn’t possible, but certainly worth a conversation)

To prevent any further negative associations, it might be worth checking on your privacy settings and make sure they are up to date.

Also, take a look at your analytics and see what’s happening on each of your platforms. (You should be doing this on a regular basis anyway!)

Is everything as it should be?

It might have been a few years since you set up your social media pages for your business and more often than not when you did set them up you might not have had all the information you needed to optimise your profile, so take a few minutes to check addresses, emails, contact numbers, photos etc are all up to date.
As you only get one chance to make a first impression!
Being consistent across all of your platforms is key. It doesn’t have to be identical as each platform has its own foibles, but being on-brand with the consistent messages is definitely the way forward.

People get hung up on likes and numbers of followers, though these are important don’t forget the engagement metrics are the ones to watch, Numbers of shares, retweets, clicks are physical pointers as to show whether people are engaging with your content.

Auditing the content will allow you to assess what type of content is interesting and engaging your viewers. What are people saying about it and if you can see what works, you can use that information for future content and you can learn how to create better content.

Is this all worth it?

Well currently, you might as well use your time wisely, this is could be the best time to plan and organise your social media content.

Start your audit today! If you need a free audit we are happy to help in these trying times, please get in touch, email me at [email protected] or call on 07971 065941


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