We are often asked “How much should you write on social media platforms” and we have often replied, “Well it’s up to you!”

Quality content is key, so waffling on for the sake of it, is never going to be well received by your followers.

However, I came across a blog recently shared by one of my online resources, which I thought was useful to share, it might be worth looking through and see if it make any difference t your interactions.

So platform by platform:

Twitter –

71 -100 characters is ideal, less is more on the microblogging site.

Instagram –

125 characters this make sure the entire caption is seen on the newsfeed, save your # for the further down the caption or add to your comments box.

LinkedIn –

140 characters is the recommendation here, as anything more sets off the See More… setting and people have to click to read on, though Linkedin does encourage longer posts!

Facebook –

Between 40-50 characters is ideal, less is more.

So there you go, have a go and see if this makes a difference to your posts. And don’t forget any posts with added visuals, videos, graphics etc will ensure engagement by over 600% so please add something to your words!

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