You may recall me mentioning a while back via our Facebook Group (please join if you are not yet a subscriber) that scheduling posts on Facebook were changing, then it changed and we have had to get used to a slightly different way of planning and posting.

In addition, we have now been provided with a whole new platform, Facebook Creator Studio, it’s worth a look and we have shared some of the top tips we have come across which make it easier for you to get your head around it and you may like it!

Where To Start with Facebook Creator Studio

Getting started with the Facebook Creator Studio is first finding the starting point. You can’t get there from Facebook alone as of now. You must go to their Creator link here. Once you are there you will see your pages at the top of the page. You can pick and choose which to look at.

I’ve chosen mine from the list that appeared – Click here

If you have come across Facebook Business manager on your social media travels then this will be familiar to you, but it is set out a lot better and is easier to use.

The notifications your page are getting can easily be identified here with the red circle on the bell, and you can react and manage these more easily here.

Scheduling Posts via Facebook Creator Studio

As we mentioned at the top of this blog, we came across the situation where we can no longer schedule on page with our business pages and we have been pushed to the Publishing Tools or directly to the Creator Studio. Planning ahead and scheduling posts is the best way to have more strategic approach to your social media so you are being more planned and focused on your business journey rather than posting aimlessly to fill your social media requirements.

The Creator studio makes it simple and easy to schedule and hive you a few more options to consider, including going LIVE.

Content Library

Here is where you can see all of your posts, past, present and scheduled all in one convenient place. If you want to see the performance on a particular post, you just have to click on it in this section.

Adding Videos

This is the main reason we believe Facebook is pushing you to use Creator Studio, due to its BIG push for video use on Facebook to encourage interaction. It is actively encouraging more regular video production and longer clips where possible too.

Everywhere you go in Creator there is a video option to consider making it as easier, it is worth taking a look.

Checking New Performance

The new Creator platform also provides a little more information on your insights and usage stats. It gives you examples of new opportunities you might want to consider. (Guess what – more video options!) You can at the moment still look at your insights on your existing business page if you prefer.

The platform is also available to view on your Mobile and matches up with your Facebook Pages App if you have this, again it provides a breakdown of your post success as well as an option to post and schedule directly. Please note this is not an app, bit an internet link ( as per the link provided above) App available, not sign as yet! (December 2019)

Other things to look out for on Creator.

If you are planning to create videos (like they are desperate for you to do!)

There is a sound library on creator you can access to add sounds to your videos!

There is a wide range to choose from, it is safe to use and makes sure you are keeping on the right side of copyright. You can also add this to Instagram too.

Earning Money

Finally, Creator is offering you the chance to get your videos up online, watched and will pay for the privilege. If you videos are over three minutes, you are able to insert adverts into your videos as part of the Ad Breaks programme which you will need to sign up for.

Specifically, it is under the Monetisation tab on the creator studio dashboard.  There are three ways in which you can now make money on Facebook.

They are:

  • Ad breaks,
  • Branded content and
  • Fan subscriptions.

Ad breaks are when viewers watch ad videos before, during and after your Facebook videos.

The fan subscription-based monetisation program is one that Facebook notifies you if you qualify. But know, there are 17 different guidelines and rules you must agree to before becoming eligible as well.

You may have noticed the pages where there are fan badges. Page owners can then share posts with just their top fans. For example, exclusive offers can be sent only to your top fans! (need over 10,000 followers for this option)

Something to work towards. Good luck and let me know how you find Creator, I will be working on this from 2020 to get to grips with the changes and benefits it can offer my and my client’s businesses on Facebook.

If you want to find out more, or interested in talking with me about social media for your business, please call me on 01642 712817 or email me at [email protected]


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