For many small business owners, the thought of managing social media is scary, so they don’t do it! It can take time to fit it on and often started with enthusiasm it can get left behind when real work takes precedence. However social media can be a vital part of your business and be the marketing effort your business needs to keep that work rolling in.

The internet is one of the last places where small businesses have a voice and social media has provided that voice in a huge shouty kind of way. The way big businesses operate can be very similar to the way small businesses operate, it is much more of a level playing field, perhaps with big businesses they have more money to throw at advertising, but most consumers are quite savy to see the real businesses behind the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of social media. Often creativity can be the way forward and this can be achieved by big and small budgets, with a little strategic help!

So where do you start with your small business?

Social media done well should take you on average six hours week to just cover basic posting, many small business owners can’t spare an hour let alone six, so what options do you have?

A. Do nothing

B. Do a little bit now and then

C. Consider employing a social media manager/consultancy

Option C** is where I can come in. If you consider what you charge per hour for your services, then consider,  what you could be paying for social media management for those six hours of the week you are wrestling with social media.

Most likely a social media manager like Catch Designs, will actually cost you a lot less per hour to handle your social media than it costs you to do it yourself!

But how to choose, what are the things to look out for?

  • Has your social media manager got a clear idea of the audience you want to grow?
  • Can they generate a plan to meet that audience online in ways to create enegagement?
  • Can they curate and develop new and repurposed content to support your social media objectives – (What do you mean by social media objectives?! We often hear!)
  • Can they support your business and make it stand out?
  • Do they understand your business?

All of this is achievable, Catch Designs loves working with small businesses to help develop a great working relationship to be your businesses biggest fan. We develop and plan strategies and work tirelessly to showcase your business on the platforms that are right for you at the right time.

We also have lots of blogs where you can learn time-saving tips from us, take a look here.

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**This associated image is not a TRUE representation of me, by the way! I am not sure if I can even cross my legs!


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