We all do our best to get our hard work seen when we blog, but sometimes it can be frustrating when we don’t get the traffic we want! Here are some top tips to help you achieve more traffic for your blogs. Good luck!!

1. Create better headlines

If the headline is boring, you probably won’t not click through to the content anyway.

And that is often the problem with headlines. They don’t inspire your social audience to click on them. And no matter how awesome your content, your audience will never know, for the simple reason that your headline sucked. Make sure they have that wow factor!

2.Tweet More Often

People often panic that they think they tweet too much! But realistically, one tweet a day or even one tweet an hour will never give you the traffic you want. Some professional Tweeters can tweet as often as four times an hour, every hour, every day and this kind of commitment reap the benefit on the traffic side.

3.Create more targeted content

The answer could be curated content! But the truth is that curated content posted on your social media accounts may help to grow your audience – but without posting enough of your own content, you will not increase your social traffic.

The best content to focus on is evergreen content. That is content that will stay relevant for a long time. News content is not the best content because you can only post it as long as it is still relevant. Nothing is more boring on social media than yesterday’s news – last month’s news is even worse.

4.Post mentions of other Accounts

Adding a colleague, a mentor, a local business will always be well received in your posts. Most will react well to it and it probably share it, which will help to share your message further.

5.Provide images

Images are often the key to gaining interest, with the combination of good headlines, good content etc. An image will really help showcase your post! Make sure you pick well and choose suitable and legal images!

6.Use your content – more than once

So you think you have done the hard work and got your post out there. So share it again and again!

Change up your post content intros and select different times on your platforms. Particularly be aware on  Twitter of regular repeating of posts as you don’t want to get a slapped wrist.

You have worked hard on this content, make sure you get the most out of it.

7. Don’t be afraid to have a voice

People are often scared to be outspoken in their blogs, but don’t be. If you are knowledgeable about your field, or have an informed opinion – you can be recognised as an expert in your field by expressing your views in your blog.

Dare to speak up on social media. Just keep in mind the common rules of human interaction. Nothing can give you worse results than not posting at all.

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