Having a small business and getting it known to potential customers can be time consuming and costly. Bringing social media into the mix can be a great way to promote your business and be cost effective at the same time.

Here’s 5 good reasons to use social media you might not have considered.

1.Your target market/ potential customers are using it

Most likely all of your potential customers are using social media in their everyday lives, and some for many hours a day, why wouldn’t you use social media to get your business in front of them? Social media can be your shop window to showcase your goods and services.

2. Provides great brand exposure

A perfect way to provide engaging content and talk directly with your customers via a range of social media platforms available. Social media give you a chance to build a dialogue with customers and augment your brand to fit your customers needs.

3.Social proof

Most people take time to research before they purchase and they will be reassured if they see your social media profiles are en pointe and current, it will give them confidence you are the ‘go to’ company to purchase from as well as reading reviews and positive contributions from suppliers and customers. It helps gain trust with your customers.

4.Word of mouth 

Having a client says good things about your business is worth its weight in gold. Having customers who have already experienced your services or goods sharing their views in a great way to start conversations with new customers. Social media is an easy for people to leave feedback for your business and customers find that a honest appraisal of your services a trustworthy way to find out more about your business.

5. SEO winner

Using all of the tools your social media, website and blogs allow you, will help to build a positive digital footprint for your business for customers and the search engines to pick up on. Having a good SEO position will always be beneficial to your business. So get involved.

If you need some guidance on how to make social media work for your business, then please get in touch today! Contact me on [email protected]



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