With the recent Facebook scandal many are now thinking ‘ what do the social media platforms know about us?’

Quite a lot to be honest, but the majority of this information is put to good use to help make the platforms more user relevant and to make the advertising criteria more productive and worthwhile for businesses.

A lot of data that is managed and process ed by platforms such as Facebook, we have readily accepted they need to know when opening an account but how often do people check their accounts to make sure they are happy with their privacy settings?

There is a lot of information and scaremongering out there suggesting people should delete and remove their accounts which I think is a shame and will reduce any enjoyment you have when using these platforms.

The ITV has produced this interesting article showing people how they can see what data is available on Facebook and steps you can take to reduce further viewing and usage of your data on the platform and 3rd party apps. Take a look.

Click here to read it

I would always suggest people take a look at their own profile and follow the privacy guidance provided by Facebook to make their accounts as robust and private as you wish.

Data is becoming a valuable commodity and with the introduction of the new General Data Protection Act in May 2018 will tighten up data access, usage and storage for all personal and business use.

For more information on GDPR for you and your business. Please do contact us as we have some useful FREE resources we can offer you for your business, but please do take professional advice for your business. Email [email protected]

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