Stuck in a social media rut?

No idea what to post, no incentive to be creative. We have all been there.

What can you do to get your social media mojo back?

Here are some tips to get you back in the zone.


Have you already planned your social media for your business? Then refer back to your original objectives and remind yourself of what you want social media to achieve for you. This can focus your thoughts to be more productive.

Plan ahead

If you have already put together a social media strategy then you should have really pulled together a content calendar to support it to help you to meet your objectives. Try to plan your next month ahead to leave you a little room to manoeuvre when you are feeling uncreative.

Go and curate!

Often people feel the pressure to create new content to promote their business. This isn’t always the case, ideally you should have a nice balance of promotional content integrated with good topical industry focused content. This can be gathered (curated from the internet), using a range of tools. Bringing news and topics to you can allow you to have opinions and comments or just to share to keep your platform looking busy.

 Don’t feel you have to be social media 24/7

If you have already added some posts to your content calendar you have already worked out your can schedule ahead of time, which can free up your time to either consider some new ideas for the business and allow your business still to be seen online.

There are lots of tools out there we would recommend which make using social media easier, they can be used on mobile devices  as well as your desktops which can be helpful.

Use your time well

Make sure you concentrate on the platforms where you customers are.

This is the best use of your time. If an hour a week it all you can spare, then make it work well for you. Interact with your peers, potential customers and influencers to get the most out of what they have to offer on social  media, again this might start your creativity flow again.

Take a break

Sometime it ,might just be time to take 5 and have a rest from social media, curation as we mentioned can help, or don’t feel you HAVE to post something if adds no value to your campaign.

Takign some time awya will defintaly fenew your creativity!

Get some help?

This could be where we come in. Rather than taking all the pressure yourself can you outsource your social media to someone who loves it? With the day to day pressure off, it might help you catch up and regain your love for social media.

If that is something of interest then please do get on touch with us, we are always happy to help!

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