Keen to make a good impression on Instagram? here are some top tips to grow your account and make it work for your business!

1. Connect Your Facebook with Instagram

It’s always a good idea to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts together. They won’t cross post automatically (which is a good thing!) but it will make it easier to share your advertising spend and quality images.

2. Embed Instagram photos onto your blog

A great way to entice your website visitors to follow you on Instagram is by embedding your Instagram photos onto your website or blog.  Embedded photos or videos will display your Instagram username, so even if they get nabbed and shared on someone else’s site, attribution goes to you.

3. Use trending hashtags

If you use Instagram already you’ll be aware of hashtags,  but are you using the best ones for your business?

We use  a great tool called, as it shows you the top 10 hashtags related to a particular keyword.

Take a look and make a list for your business.

To see which hashtags Postplanner suggests for getting new followers, see this list of the Top 25 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

4. Like other people’s photos

It’s simple but effective! Liking other people’s photos is one of the best ways to get more Instagram followers.

5.Leave thoughtful comments

As we mentioned liking photos is an easy way to gain more followers, but don’t forget to interact too. A kind word or comment can go a long way. Give some opinion about what you like about the photos you see, but try to make your comment stand out. You are not a bot!

6. Use your current connections/customers

Sometime you have to shout to be heard! Don’t forget to let people know you are in Instagram. Sahre your details, via email, on your web page etc, encourage people to find you and follow.

7. Engage with your competitors’ audience

Bit of a cheeky one, this, but can make a real difference to your Instagram feed. Seek out other businesses in your niche, ‘follow their followers’ and then start interacting with their pictures and videos!

8. Filters matter

But don’t play safe, try something new occasionally. You may have fund a style that works for your brand, but sometimes it’s nice to try something new and wake up your followers! Sometimes #nofilter or Inkwell will result in the highest levels of interaction.

9. How many Hashtags?

A lot of indecision here, we advise to use as many as you feel comfortable with, once you have done your research! test different one and see how they work for you. Sometime less is more. But for a trending subject like #Halloween or #Christmas you might want to include ALL of the popular ones out there.

If you want to find out more about Instagram, then please get in touch we would love to help!.




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