Having the right voice on social media is vital for your business.

The phrase “Think before you Tweet” is always one to consider before you make a bold or potentially contentious post!

Mistakes can be made, but what can you do to prevent making mistakes or worse case scenario what can you do to make amends!

Sometimes sarcasm, irony or humour don’t come across that well in social media and phrases and comments can be misinterpreted. One suggestion is to use emojis or hashtags to highlight your humour or sarcasm which may help people understand the meaning of your post, if it could offend!

Though there are many ways you can get it wrong on social media, don’t be put off as the positive benefits massively outway the negatives.

Some organisations struggle to come across well on social media (Police, HMRC, political parties) and they have often drafted in social media professionals to help find the right tone and style of posting which works for them. Alternatively, a truly human face of an organisation can do a great a job as it can resonate with the target audience.

So there are options for you and your business.

In simple terms, here are my top tips for happy social media posting!

● Be aware of who is looking at your posts
● Assume everything you say is permanent
● Don’t post anything last at night
● Don’t post anything when you have had a tipple!
● Check what you are writing makes sense and is accurate
● Never argue with anyone, take any issues offline
● Check with yourself – could my post be taken out of context/or offend?

If you need further advice on how and what to post on your social media platforms, get in touch today and we can help plan a strategy or your business and provide sound advice on how your business can be successful on social media. Email us  at [email protected]

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