How many of you let your staff support your business on social media?

Surprisingly, many do not allow staff or discourage staff from supporting the business they work in. This seems crazy to me as your staff and any related associates should be your businesses biggest fan!

Lack of employee advocacy is often a glaring hole in a company’s marketing strategy.

Sometimes, clients are disappointed with the lack of interaction on what should be engaging stories and are therefore surprised when it is often shown that not a single employee or business associate has made any positive contribution to these posts that could have improved the posts standing.

We also believe as well as engagement, the additional benefits of encouraging your staff to like and share company content are:

  • It can increase traffic to your company website and increase SEO

  • People listen to people and having personal recommendations on a brand can have a lot more sway than the more corporate approach

  • Employees support can increase your content distribution more than ten times, which can only help your business reach an even larger audience

Remember if you have employed these staff you have already put your trust in them to support your business, so it seems  natural role to allow your staff to interact with your social media content to help promote the business, surely good news for all!

So don’t be shy, people can still be productive in their work day even adding  a little ‘Like’ here or there, or ask them to manage this when they get home, it could make a real difference to your social media interaction.

Social media policy, an option?

It is always useful to develop a social media policy for your business so that your staff area aware of your objectives and the basic do’s and don’t for your business, so they can feel they can support you in the best way possible. and it is a useful protection for you if you do feel that employees are pushing the business in the wrong direction.

Let us know if this works for your business!

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