If you run a personal and business page on Facebook you may have recently noticed some differences?

Basically you can’t login as  a page anymore. Please note  – none of your functionality has been lost, you just have to go along a different route!

It used to be that when you went to your Facebook profile and you wanted to switch accounts, you could just go to the top right drop-down menu, switch to your Page and you’d be logged in as that Page, instead of your personal profile. You will now remain as you personal profile at the top of the page.

Facebook, Sue Thompson, Catch Designs, North Yorkshire

Now what used to be your businesses home news feed is now on the left hand side called News Feed for your Page. This will show the content for the pages you have previously liked from your business page. It will also now show you a full list of the Pages Liked by this Page.


Obviously most businesses want to continue to engage with their customers, suppliers and associated businesses, this can still be done. No functionality has been lost, just to reiterate!

To toggle between business accounts or from your personal to business page, just click on the the three dots at the bottom right of the header image, which will allow you select Like as your page.


Additionally this recent update as also amended your ability to Like and comment as a Page. To do this, you simply select the drop-down menu attached to the profile image on any post and choose which Page you’d like to post a comment as.

Many are mystified as to the reasons Facebook have opted for these changes, it seems from the reading I have done, is that Facebook want businesses to use its free business management tool Facebook for Business, that separates out all of the various Facebook admin elements and keeps your personal and business profiles separate. You can convert your existing business page to this quite easily.

So now you know and can stop panicking about the loss of your business page home feed.

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Happy posting.

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