I recently attended the Superfast North Yorkshire Social Media Show at York Racecourse.


It was an action packed day with back-to-back talks, sprinkled with lots of networking opportunities.


A nice feature was also that you could have ‘one to ones’ with the seminar presenters in the advice café, to pick up any individual business issues you wanted to discuss.


Throughout the day there were two presentations on at the same time, it was a struggle to make a decision on who to see, but the range and breadth of the talks was great and I was pleased with the choices I made on the talk subjects.


Though I work in social media myself it was interesting and stimulating to learn new tips and tricks as well as hearing less experienced people discuss their concerns about how social media needed to work in their own businesses.


Learning what businesses expect and want from social media is a useful insight into how I can work with businesses to develop and grow their social media presence.


The speakers varied from social media marketers, working in their own businesses to professional trainers who are part of the fantastic presentation programme from Superfast North Yorkshire.


As well as a ample buffet lunch and as much tea and coffee as you can drink, it was a great opportunity to spend a day with like minded people who have a keen interest in social media and it important role in business.


I would highly recommend any of the Superfast North Yorkshire courses for clients and urge people to find out more, as there are some great opportunities to learn more about social media and marketing as well other communication tools. The added bonus is you can then be eligible for up to £500 in funding for your business.


Catch Designs is a registered supplier on with Superfast North Yorkshire and can help businesses with their social media or marketing needs in your business.

Please get in touch with me to find out more about social media training or content management.


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