Last Thursday we held the first ‘Thirsty Thursday’ network event at The Mill, in Stokesley.


The idea had begun with two local businesswomen getting their heads together and wondering why there weren’t any events held for Stokesley businesses to get together.


Back in the day there was the Stokesley Business Club, a lunchtime affair, reasonable well attended. But this seemed to have faded away.


With the onslaught of social media, communications with business is going strong online but dwindling in the real world.


Having attended #tweetups in the area and found these to be a nice way of reconnecting with some of your online acquaintances. I (Sue Thompson) of Catch Designs and Anna Addison of Anna Addison & Associates, decided if there isn’t one we can go to, we would start one ourselves.


And so we did!


Though the night was stormy and wet, we welcomed around 35 businesses to our gathering, from the High Street, the Business Park and others from slightly further afield (which was allowed!)


We chatted, we drank, we swapped business cards, but more importantly than anything we talked about how nice it was to put names to face and to realise the breadth of businesses we have in this lovely market town.


For a first event, we couldn’t be more pleased and have lots of positive feedback to do it again!


We wanted the event to be informal and relaxed without the pressures of fixed fees, two minutes business talks and structured presentations and we seem to have got that right. As on a Thursday evenings at 5.00 people are quite happy to just to relax and chat.


We will, of course, be doing it again in January next year and hope we can swell the ranks further with more invitations going out to the Business Park and Stokesley’s surrounding villages.


All are welcome, keep your eyes peeled for the next #ThirstyThursday event and we will look forward to seeing you there.


For more information, please contact Sue Thompson at [email protected] or Anna Addison at [email protected]

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