Building website for small business has been a large part of my business services in recent years. Many of my clients have been in a fortunate position where they have received funding for their projects and have found their response WordPress sites an asset to their businesses.

Working with web developers is always an ‘ interesting’ pathway and can be exceptionally rewarding as well as frustrating. Requiring the expertise to keep client websites up to date , functioning and secure is an ongoing battle and one until now I have been able to offer my clients for free.

Sadly, these days are also going for me and my business. The consistent updating of my clients websites, maintaining the correct level of security for e commerce sites, adapting and altering the websites is becoming  an impossible task for me and my team resources and recent changes in personnel has required me to host all of my clients sites personally and take full control of them all to be assured of their permanent position on the internet.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost and I have recently been in the process of developing maintenance packages I can offer to my clients to enable their websites to remain safe, up to date and future proofed. This level of support I am afraid I do not have  and  I have started working with a word press expert who can fulfil all of my clients (and my needs) for website support.

I have provided a series of packages that are affordable for small businesses I work with and that will provide an improved layer of security, expertise and  peace of mind I want for my clients.

I am hoping my clients will fully understand these additional costs and be thankful that their sites will be protected and secure for their businesses and those of their clients.

It is unfortunately a necessary evil that the bad guys out there are getting cleverer and I now at least feel I have sorted a solution which protects my client’s sites at a reasonable business cost and certainly under the range of costs my market research has shown.

I will be using the packages I have devised for all new websites that I will be working on, so new clients will be aware of ongoing costs as the site is launched and is in action.

Am feeling bad about this, but I have no other option and I don’t want to let my clients down by asking them to move the sites too an alternative hosters, we all know what hassle that can cause.

If you are able to offer any feedback on this blog I would appreciate it and again I hope that my range of clients in small and medium sized businesses will continue to be on board with us at Catch Designs!


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Interested in finding out more about our new maintenance packages, please do drop me an email and I can send them across, they will be up online in due course.

Onwards and upwards!